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I am having a wonderful life with my husband. I am a yummy mummy of 2 Siberian Huskies and 1 beagle. Somehow I have a phobia of kids. I cannot handle them. I had already discussed this issue with my husband that I don’t want to have kids ever in my life. He has always been supportive of my decisions. To complete our family we adopted some dogs who have become a big part of our lives. A month....Read More

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Abortion Pills (MTP Kit)

Abortion Pills (MTP Kit)

17 Oct 2017

by Flossie, NY

It is really the best to order abortion pills online. Plus, this website is a good way to do it. I came to this conclusion after the way I was hassled in front of the abortion clinic. I came back running home and started searching abortion tablets delivery services online. That is when I found this website. It was shocking to know that you could get abortion pills online. I browsed through few of them and ordered from here after comparing them. It was easy to choose the pills and buy them as all the information was given on the website about how to have pills’ abortion at home. After paying, they sent me emails to update me on everything including when the product would arrive. I got the delivery on the promised day and went on to take the pills and have abortion. I think this way is really favorable, at least to me.

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