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I had a successful abortion done. But I still had questions about things I should avoid after an abo Read More >


I do not know how to thank this website for all the support that they gave me during my abortion. I Read More >

Judy G. Guzman

All I know is that this team was god’s blessing for me! What would I have done without them? I am Read More >

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I was 22 and not very happy with life. My dad was diagnosed with a chronic disease. He could not work, so my mother was the sole earner in the family. She was either at job or taking care of my father. So, I couldn’t really enjoy with them. I think I felt so lonely that when a boy in my college showed interest in me, I fell for him immediately. I was so attached that I gave in to all of his d....Read More

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Abortion Pills (MTP Kit)

Abortion Pills (MTP Kit)

13 Mar 2018

by Desiree E. Harding

I ordered the pills online without telling anyone but then I started to feel that I should be informing someone so they have my back. When I called my bff, she began yelling at me saying I shouldn’t have paid the money and trusted an online site to deliver the pills. I really began feeling like I messed up. But then, I was so so sooo relieved when the MTP kit actually arrived. I did face severe cramping and heavy bleeding, but in the end, I had a successful abortion. rn

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