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Nuvaring Nuvaring

A flexible plastic contraceptive vaginal ring, Nuvaring is a non-oral birth control. Once inserted, it has to stay in vagina for three weeks, after which it is removed. Then in a gap of a week, the woman menstruates, and is ready to use another piece for disallowing pregnancy to happen. The product is easy and safe to use, and contains low doses of estrogen and progestin synthetic hormone. It works same like the oral contraceptive by stopping three functions necessary for causing pregnancy: ovulation, fertilization, and implantation. Very comfortable, and users do not have problems with intercourse with this birth control on.

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Nuvaring - Working

Similar to oral contraceptive, the vaginal ring birth control helps stop women from getting pregnant. It is one of the efficient methods of contraceptive.

  • Nuvaring is a plastic vaginal ring inserted in vagina and kept stable for three weeks. It releases ethinyl estradiol and etonogestrel, which do not make ovaries discharge mature eggs.
  • The medicated contraceptive prohibits sperm meeting eggs by thickening mucus of cervix. It thins uterine endometrial, ceasing possibility of implantation or egg attachment to the womb.

Nuvaring - Dosage

The woman needs to use Nuvaring for 30 days or a month, by inserting the product in vagina, where it fits gently. The user does not feel discomfort once the birth control places in appropriately.

  • As the ring is flexible, the female does not feel its presence even during intimacy. After three weeks, the user needs to dispose the product. For the next one week, no new ring is used.
  • For preventing pregnancy the next month, new Nuvaring must be used from the beginning of fifth week (three weeks use + one week gap).

Nuvaring - Side-effects

A user may or may not face side effects to Nuvaring. Some of the experience can include weight changes, headache, respiratory problem, sinusitis etc. In case of any serious effects, check with the doctor, and let him/her know about any current or past health issue.

Nuvaring - Precautions

  • Pregnant women or those with allergy to Nuvaring contents must look for alternate contraception method.
  • If using a hormonal birth control already, do not use Nuvaring until advised by the doctor.
  • Avoid activities such as smoking, drinking alcohol as these affect products efficiency.
  • In case of heart/neurological problems, or blood pressure, seek doctors advice before utilizing the product.

Nuvaring - Who Qualify for Nuvaring Birth Control?

  • Adult females of a minimum 18 years age.
  • Non-pregnant women.
  • Users who observe the precautions.