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I am having a wonderful life with my husband. I am a yummy mummy of 2 Siberian Huskies and 1 beagle. Somehow I have a phobia of kids. I cannot handle them. I had already discussed this issue with my husband that I don’t want to have kids ever in my life. He has always been supportive of my decisions. To complete our family we adopted some dogs who have become a big part of our lives. A month....Read More

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More power to all the women who stayed strong through all the different problems during their abortion period. Aren’t we all really blessed to have found a whole team of dedicated people to serve and support us? My story doesn’t involve a difficult abortion decision process. It was a very practical choice and my partner and family were very supportive. But we stayed in the countryside and did not have very easy access to medication. It would have gotten really difficult and expensive for us to take trips to the town for the same. I did not want be late and lose the choice of a medical abortion.

When I called up a friend, she told me that abortion pills were available online. I told my hubby about it but he wasn’t really sure if we should be buying abortion medication online. Even if we did, he doubted that we’ll get a delivery here. We decided to google this however. We saw a number of sites that offered worldwide shipping and secure payment options. This site particularly appealed to us because of the informative content and good reviews from other people. Having a bad reach to medical advice, we really wanted to be sure what we’re doing is right, safe and effective. Abortionpillsrx was that convincing site for us for various reasons that I’m sure you all have seen too. I got a timely delivery and great support from the live chat team without which I couldn’t have terminated my pregnancy effectively. Thank you very much for the amazing service.