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I am having a wonderful life with my husband. I am a yummy mummy of 2 Siberian Huskies and 1 beagle. Somehow I have a phobia of kids. I cannot handle them. I had already discussed this issue with my husband that I don’t want to have kids ever in my life. He has always been supportive of my decisions. To complete our family we adopted some dogs who have become a big part of our lives. A month....Read More

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Abortion Pill Pack

Abortion Pill Pack

11 Oct 2017

by California

When I contacted the website through email, the response was almost immediate. They suggested me what pills I would need for the abortion and what I should do to order them. I followed their instructions, which were pretty straightforward. The only trouble was that I couldn’t pay through my Mastercard, but they gave me a solution for that as well. They offered me Western Union option which I used. I received the pills in 9 days after getting the confirmation email. I took the pills in course of two days after which I went through intense pain in my stomach and bleeding. I saw blobs of blood passing in the toilet and felt nauseated. For three days, the bleeding was intense, but I started feeling relief after that as the bleeding lessened. Now, I just experience some spotting, otherwise everything is A ok.

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