Why Do Women In The US choose Abortion

Abortions in USA increased

There has been a gradual increase in the number of abortions in the US. It took a big leap in the year 2000 when the Food and Drug Administration approved abortion pills to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. A recent research studies why women in the US opt for abortion. It has also been found there’s a rise in the women who buy abortion pill online to end their pregnancy. We’ll understand why women consider abortion as the preferable option for their uneventful pregnancy situation.

Financial Constraints:

The major reason behind many pregnancy terminations has been the financial constraints. The couple is not ready for a child since they are not financially stable enough to meet the needs of raising a child, speaking of which increases with time.

Disturbed relationship:

It is likely to happen that an unplanned pregnancy has occurred from ‘fling’ or ‘casual’ physical relationships which are not a common phenomenon in the US, UK, and Europe. Such a relationship does not have emotional cling to think of family planning.

Health issues

Pregnancy is a delicate phase of a woman’s life. There are certain cases where the woman has health risks due to her pregnancy. In such cases, physicians advise the woman to have an abortion as bearing a child without proper health can lead to deadly circumstances.

Already have a family:

When you already have a wonderful family, having another put financial and other family pressure on the family. When people do family planning while already having children, they think from everyone’s perspective and how the family members would perceive a new member emotionally, financially and in other different ways. It does benefit the family growth, they end up with an abortion conclusion.

Financial restrictions:

Research conducted on unplanned pregnancies suggests most abortion conducted in the US occur due to financial pressure on the couple. Every couple wishes to offer the best possible facilities on their end. If the future child cannot receive proper facilities, people choose pregnancy termination as the solution. Such a couple prefers medical abortion as they can buy abortion pill at a considerably lower cost.

Not being ready:

Women typically have predetermination of priorities in their life. Education, Career, love, family responsibilities, responsibilities toward society etc. When raising a child is not given the first priority in all these factors, they look for other options such as abortion.


Speaking of the US, rape being the reason behind abortion is a rare thing. However, even the smaller number cannot be ignored when it’s related to pregnancy and abortions. Sexual intercourse against the woman’s will disrupts her life and makes her abort the pregnancy to come out of the situation.

Whatever the reason may be, after seeing the rise in the pregnancy termination, it urges the need to educate people about effective ways of terminating an unwanted pregnancy. To lower the number of abortions in the US, information regarding safe and protected intercourse must be spread through different channels and methods.

Nowadays women understand when she is ready for a baby.


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