Safe pregnancy termination and family planning

When it comes to having a baby, a couple expects to be the happy family which is financially stable and prepared for parenting. The possibilities of stuck in an unwanted pregnancy situation cannot be denied. However, there are solutions for such a situation. Safe abortion and family planning

There are several methods of terminating an unwanted pregnancy. Consult a doctor to understand which method suits your type. It typically depends on the gestation of the pregnancy. If the gestation is up to 8-10 weeks, medical abortion is the safest way to end pregnancy among rest.

You can buy abortion pills such as Mifepristone and Misoprostol. This drug combination is popular in many regions in the world, the USA, UK, Europe and Australia prominently.

Take the pills as instructed. The tablets will make hormonal changes in your body and result in expelling pregnancy contents from the body within a week or two.

You must understand the process thoroughly which you can easily find if you have bought the abortion pill online. Such online pharmacies usually have information concerning medical abortion and the how to administer abortion pills etc.

The whole process takes around 2 weeks.

If the gestation of your pregnancy is more than 10-12 weeks, there are other ways of aborting an unwanted pregnancy. While medical abortion can be performed at home with your homely comfort, the other methods of pregnancy termination, however, require you to visit a clinic and perform get the abortion done.  

Experts advise and request women not to indulge in any unhealthy and wrong practices for abortion. Kindly choose the method wisely and perform the pregnancy termination procedure as instructed. Medical abortion is one of the safest ways of ending an unwanted pregnancy. Read articles about abortion care to know more.

Why is family planning important?

No woman wants to end up in an unwanted pregnancy situation. Pregnancy prevention is the best solution to avoid any such situation. Family planning helps the couple to prepare before they are gifted with an offspring.

One must learn the methods of pregnancy prevention for the same.

Contraceptive Pills:

You can buy Ovral G birth control pills and prevent the unwanted pregnancy. Contraceptive pills are also useful for regularizing the menstrual cycle as you menstruate in a specific period only. There are perks too which have made this method popular amongst women from all around the world.


A condom is also a safe method to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Nowadays, women can also wear a condom and prevent the pregnancy. Not only is it useful for pregnancy prevention, it also keeps the sexual transmission diseases at bay.


This method is suitable for those tend to forget to carry protection while involving in sexual activities. Once you carefully place the Nuvaring in the vagina, you do not have to worry about an uneventful pregnancy for the next 6 months. The ring must be changed after every 6 months and can be removed when you are ready for pregnancy.

If you end with an uneventful pregnancy situation, there are options for abortion, but prevention is always better than cure and hence you must follow protected intercourse and learn about family planning activities.