Research says women may be able to buy abortion pills on mobile

Purchase abortion pills through mobile

It has been over a decade since the Food and Drug Administration of America has approved Mifepristone and Misoprostol for medical abortion, the awareness about medical pregnancy termination has increased.

The idea of buying abortion pills on mobile may be from the future, but it is nearer than ever before. Not every country today allows medical abortion to be performed. However, along with the US, many parts of Europe, UK, the other parts of the world such as Australia, some parts of Asia have also begun understanding the importance of abortion care facilities and altering their regulations in the favor of women healthcare rights.

Why buying abortion pills on mobile would be a great option?

It’s handy:

Today, almost every person has a phone which they can carry wherever they are. Mobile being handy, make abortion care tablets and other abortion care consultants easily reachable to women.


If you are aware of a certain brand, a decent online pharmacy will sell only FDA approved products and hence there are fewer chances of fraudulence or insecurity.


When you are buying from a local pharmacy store to buy abortion pills, you may get judgemental views for the purchase. However, when you are purchasing online abortion pills, you’re helped to maintain complete privacy as you do not have to face anyone while buying the pills.


Abortion pills available online are cheaper than the local pharmacies and hence women may prefer the mobile option to opt for pregnancy termination medication.

Are there any mobile apps or mobile-friendly websites for women seeking abortion pill help?

Yes, there are a couple of online pharmacy websites which are mobile friendly. Women can easily buy abortion pill online from their phone. There isn’t any need of traveling to a whole new region only in the of abortion pills.

Since mobile is a handy and user-friendly option, it becomes convenient for women to reach abortion care help within a few clicks.

Not only does it save your time, but it also saves your traveling cost.

There aren’t any mobile apps particularly dedicated for medical abortion pills, however, online pharmacy is slowly shifting to apps and mobile-friendly websites for medications and healthcare services. is one such mobile-friendly website which offers Mifepristone, Misoprostol and many other abortion pills such as MTP kit, abortion pill pack etc. It also gives 24×7 online assistance to women and guides them on the procedure of medical termination of pregnancy.

One must note that every woman body is different and hence she must consult a doctor before purchasing abortion pills online. The doctor may prescribe abortion pills based on her gestation of pregnancy, body type, and complications etc. The drug combination of Mifepristone and Misoprostol is considered to be safe for ending an unwanted pregnancy at home.