Mtp kit and medical abortion

MTP Kit online and Medical abortion

MTP kit is an abortion pill kit which helps women terminate their pregnancy up to 9 weeks of gestation. The kit is bought by women who seek medical abortion pills in one pack. If you searched online, there are a few websites which let you order MTP kit at a comparatively lower cost than the abortion pills individually.

As there are many online pharmacies offering abortion pills, you can easily find abortion pills at home. You only have to understand how to order MTP kit from an online pharmacy.


Mifepristone is known for its traits of stopping pregnancy growth. The components of the Mifepristone abortion pill essentially fights with the hormones that cause the development of pregnancy. The MTP kit contains one pill of Mifepristone with 200mg power.


As Mifepristone abortion pill stops pregnancy growth, Misoprostol abortion pill is known for its prostaglandin components. These components contribute to eliminating pregnancy tissues from the body.

You can either consume Misoprostol abortion pills buccally ( keeping them in the cheek pouches) or vaginally ( placing the pills in the vagina). In both cases, you should keep the tablets in place for at least half an hour without any disturbance such as vomiting or urinating. Four tablets of 200 mcg power are the general recommendation by healthcare expert.

The side effects of MTP kit:

The MTP kit has some temporary side effects which may or may not take place during the pregnancy termination procedure. Nausea, vomiting, fever, stomach upset, excessive vaginal bleeding etc are the side effects of MTP kit. These side effects get healed with the medical abortion process completion.

Rare cases can be – (1) prolonged side effects (2) incomplete medical abortion. You should consult your healthcare provider in any of the aforementioned cases and seek medical help.

The symptoms of pregnancy termination:

The symptoms of pregnancy termination are often considered as the side effects which should is indeed not the case. The side effects of MTP kit may or may not take place with every user. However, the symptoms of pregnancy termination after using MTP kit must occur while undergoing the procedure. Following are the symptoms of medical abortion:


In the process of emptying the uterus, the prostaglandin components of the second pill make contractions in the uterine lining. This results in intense stomach pain. This can be severe than the normal menstrual cramps.

Vaginal bleeding:

As the uterus gets emptied with the help of the Misoprostol abortion pill, the woman encounters bleeding from the vagina. This appears similar to the menstrual bleeding, however, it is heavier than the menstruation.

The aforementioned symptoms of medical abortion must take place with every individual undergoing the medical abortion procedure.

The confirmation of medical abortion after taking MTP kit:

The process of medical termination of pregnancy can take time. If you checked the pregnancy status immediately after consuming abortion pills, you may not get the results you desired for. For this, checking the status after the bleeding stops is also not recommended.