Medical abortion success- how to confirm it

how to know medical abortion process is successful or not

When the abortion process gets completed at that time women get intuitions. However, it is better to confirm whether medical abortion is completed or not. And to do this, you need to identify complications which happened after the medical abortion

And also if you can find out complications so you can also treat them at the earliest, as sometimes they can cause further problems.

In the medical abortion, when you buy abortion pill pack online or from the nearest pharmacies.

In the pack, you get two abortion pills, Mifepristone, and Misoprostol, both these pills are used in combination for a pregnancy termination.

How to find out medical abortion is done:

After taking the first abortion pill Mifepristone, you do not see visible changes in the body however, it restricts the growth of pregnancy hormone. While second abortion pill, Misoprostol in the combination cause uterine contraction.

Let’s know about after after-effects of a medical abortion:

  • Bleeding: Heavy bleeding starts after consumption of the second pill. And this bleeding is heavier than the bleeding which happens during a normal period. It lasts up to a few hours. This heavy bleeding is a strong indication of the pregnancy termination process.
  • The second after-effect is intense cramping:
  • The prostaglandin components present in the Misoprostol pill cause contraction of the uterine lining which leads to abdominal cramping which lasts up to a few hours.

When both the aforementioned after-effects get stopped that means the medical abortion got completed, however, you need to validate this as you cannot completely depend on these symptoms(after-effects).

And even if the bleeding gets stop, then also the body takes some time for the normal functioning.

This entire process takes up to 14-15 days, therefore, it is better to do a pregnancy test to confirm the process completion.

How to verify whether the medical abortion process is finished or not?


  • You should buy a pregnancy test card from the same website from where you bought abortion pills online. With the help of the pregnancy test card, you can do a pregnancy test at home and check your pregnancy status.
  • Apart from this method, you can also use other methods like an ultrasound test to know whether all the pregnancy contents are removed or not.
  • Or you can perform sonography test, as it more likely to give more accurate results.

So whichever methods you choose, you just need to take that test at the right time and take it in a proper way to get effective results.