How Medical Abortion Attained Importance It has Today?

Medical abortion and its importance

Be it the United States, Europe or the UK, medical abortion has become a talk of the town due to its rising importance with each day passing. Women are preferring the non-invasive method of ending the pregnancy over any other method of abortion.

It has become interestingly evident that the importance given to medical abortion has risen to an extent that it has made governing & regulatory bodies in different regions make laws for abortion. This blog helps to understand why and how medical abortion attained importance that it has today.

Women earlier were unaware of the contraceptive methods and hence there was no family planning or birth control in the family. Women who thought of family planning wished to get rid of the unwanted pregnancies through whichever way possible. As a result, women tried to manage the abortion of pregnancy on their own.

Managing an unwanted pregnancy and aborting it with so-called ‘home remedies’ led to fatal cases, if not serious health complications. Surgical abortion did help in such cases but I did not for women who were looking for an easy and economical solution to end their pregnancy.

What’s happening now?

Almost a decade ago, women knew only surgical abortion method for terminating an unwanted pregnancy. Though they had found a solution for their unwanted pregnancy, with the surgical abortion method, women felt discomfort for multiple reasons. Firstly, the surgical method is expensive and many women couldn’t afford to spend so much on pregnancy termination. Also, they felt that it was their private matter and they preferred not being seen in public much.

Speaking of health concerns, women were doubtful of the surgical termination of pregnancy as the method involved surgical instruments in the procedure.

Today’s women have the blessing of the internet from where they can find healthcare information on various websites.

How did the medical abortion method help?

In the procedure of medical termination of pregnancy, there are two primary abortion pills involved.

Mifepristone, the anti-progesterone medicine used in the medical abortion procedure stops the pregnancy development. This takes around 24 hours to complete.

Misoprostol abortion pill which is taken a day after Mifepristone intake ejects the pregnancy contents from the body with the help of prostaglandin components. It essentially makes contractions in the lining of the uterus. Due to this, the woman experiences pain in the stomach and bleeding from the vagina.

Why are women choosing medical abortion?

It’s economical:

Abortion pills are considerably affordable than the fees of surgical abortion. The online option has helped women compare prices on different websites and then choose the one that fits in their budget.

Privacy is maintained:

This is a primary reason why the world had a shift to medical abortion from surgical abortion. The medical allows women to maintain their privacy and abort the pregnancy without having to share with anyone.

It’s effective:

The abortion pills such as Mifepristone and Misoprostol are approved by the Food and Drug Administration of the US for successful termination of pregnancy. For a pregnancy up to 9 weeks of gestation, abortion pills work 99% time if women followed the instructions of administering and abortion care.

No traveling:

To abort a pregnancy using abortion pills, women do not have to go travel to different regions as they can undergo the medical abortion procedure at their own home. The administering part of the abortion pills is easy enough to perform it at home.

Online pharmacies available:

Ever since there has been a rise in the demand for abortion pills, the digital world has also picked up the need of women into their e-pharmacies. Today, buying abortion pills online and receiving it at your doorstep is not difficult.

You only have to find a reliable pharmacy and the abortion pills will be delivered to your place in discreet packaging.  Also, women compare products on the internet, find online experts and get help at every phase of medical abortion. It’s like having a personal healthcare guide while undergoing the procedure. Women only need to consult their physician at the time of abortion pill purchase.

Medical abortion has solved many problems of women that women were facing earlier How Medical Abortion Attained Importance It has Today?with limited solutions in front of them. Hence, more regions are observing an increasing medical abortion number.