Let This Valentines Day Be Better Planned!

Valentine day and family planning

As Valentine’s day is on its way, not just love, but seduction, sex are also going to be topics which one may not escape from. Though such topics are long disregarded, they need to be addressed in the discussions in order to educate couples about safe and protected sexual intercourse.

Why family planning is most important:

Especially at a young age, couples don’t realize the importance of family planning but it is indeed an important aspect that a couple needs to take care of. In the absence of family planning, the couple may not value protected sexual intercourse. As a result, the chances of an unwanted pregnancy are considerably high.

When you get into an unwanted pregnancy situation, you can either abort the pregnancy or continue it with no family plans ahead. In such cases, many couples prefer aborting the pregnancy. Medical abortion and surgical abortion are the two options typically used to end an unwanted pregnancy.

For a pregnancy up to 9 weeks of gestation, you can easily buy abortion pills online or from the local stores and end the pregnancy with simple procedures. Mifepristone, Mifeprex, Generic RU486 and Misoprostol, Cytolog are the abortion pills available in the market. You must consult your physician and select the right combination of pills to terminate your unwanted pregnancy.

Once you confirm the abortion pills, take them as instructed. Mifepristone or any other anti-progesterone pill is the first one that you will be instructed to take. The consumption here is oral and does not project any immediate effects.

Once the first pill is taken, the second pill must be taken after 24 hours. Its buccal or vaginal consumption helps the tablet to get dissolved easily. It can take around 30 minutes or more. You start experiencing bleeding and cramping post-consumption. These are signs that the pregnancy termination procedure is underway.

The bleeding continues for a week or two and finally ends the pregnancy by removing all the pregnancy contents from the body.

If abortion is not something which you want to do, continuing the pregnancy is often the only left option with couples.

If the gestation is more than 9 weeks, you must go with another option for ending the pregnancy.

If the person decides to continue the pregnancy, the child may or may not get the right upbringing and love from the couple. At times, pregnancy becomes the reason for many breakups. In such cases, if the female partner decides to continue her pregnancy it can become difficult to manage things and the child may be deprived of the father’s love.

Hence, giving birth to a child is never an as easy and casual thing as it seems. It involves many complications.

There are multiple options available with you for sexual intercourse:

Birth Control Pills:

Birth control pills such as Ovral, Ovral G help prevent an uneventful pregnancy. The 28-day or 21-day pack not only prevents the pregnancy but also helps to regularize the periods. You only have to start taking the pill from the last day of your period and consume it every day without fail.

The birth control pills thicken the cervix and hinder the path of semen. This way, the sperms cannot enter the uterus, thereby preventing the fertilization of eggs.

Emergency contraceptive pill:

Emergency contraceptive pill such as Plan B is also a form of pregnancy prevention. However, this medication is comparatively different than the other forms of contraception. You can take a Plan B tablet if you happen to get involved in unprotected sexual intercourse. That being said, you must take the pill within 72 hours after having unprotected intercourse. The effectiveness of the pill depends on how early you take the pill.


Nuvaring is a solution for women who tend to forget about contraception. This prevention method keeps you away from unwanted pregnancy for almost 6 months. You simply have to insert the ring in the vagina and place it carefully near the cervix. The ring does not give you discomfort if you place it properly as instructed.


If compared with other forms of contraception, a condom is the best way to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Having said that, there can be rare cases of pregnancy if the condom gets torn or if it not worn in the right manner. Apart from preventing pregnancy, the condom does a great job of offering protected & safe intercourse. By this, problems such as STD or other sexually transmitted diseases do not spread during the sexual intercourse activity.

The reason to talk about abortion and pregnancy prevention is that most of the abortion cases take place during Feb, March & April. This says how couples take it lightly about having protected sexual intercourse.

STDs and much more!

Many a time, couples do not even feel comfortable talking about such issues with their partner. On the contrary, speaking about your sexual comfort and health builds confidence in your sexual relationship making it even stronger.


Do not shy away from topics like contraception, protected sexual intercourse, Sexually transmitted diseases. In fact, you are advised to take an STD test before actually getting into sexual activity. If you are someone whose sex partner changes continuously, an STD test is a must.

Have you begun your family planning?

When you plan your family and make decisions accordingly, you are more likely to have a healthy sexual life. When you are completely ready to start a family, you are better prepared to fulfill the needs and desires of your child.

Know about your body, break the taboos and choose a life that enhances your sexual pleasure and confidence.


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