Is work from home a good option for women during medical abortion?

How working from home can help women during the medical abortion

When women buy abortion pills to end their unwanted pregnancy, whether to work or not is one of the concerns of women in the city areas. The medical method of terminating a pregnancy is surely easy and online abortion pills most preferred method by women. Having stated that, there are certain things which women need to take into account while undergoing the procedure.

In recent research, it was found that women who had an abortion in the US, more than 40% working women bought abortion pills online to end their pregnancy through the noninvasive method. Women did so because they did not wish to skip their work. They additionally wanted privacy to be maintained about the unwanted pregnancy and abortion.

To all such women, here’s what you can do if you cannot afford to skip your work during the abortion procedure.

Should you be going to the office during the abortion period?

The first day of abortion pill administration will not give you any immediate visible physical changes in the body. If you wish to go to the office on this day, you may do so. However, you must take precautions for the continued pregnancy symptoms you may feel while this time.  Pregnancy symptoms such as nausea or weakness may continue even after taking Mifepristone. You can consult your doctor and ask for medicine for the same.

When you take the second medicine, Misoprostol,  the body begins responding to the medication after a couple of hours. You may experience cramps and heavy vaginal bleeding within 24 hours after taking Misoprostol. Hence, it is advised not to go to the office after consuming Misoprostol during the abortion procedure.

Also, if privacy is the concern, going to office after taking Misoprostol is definitely not an option since the after-effects of abortion pills are easily visible. Your body requires rest during this time. Taking rest for at least 3-4 days is advised by experts.

So what can be done instead?

If you can not at all skip work during the pregnancy termination procedure, you can apply for work from home for 3-4 days. A leave on the second day is necessary for a woman. After taking Misoprostol, you must take complete rest. You may continue your work from home from the third day.

The after effects of abortion such as heavy vaginal bleeding and abdominal cramping are something you cannot escape from. There are also some other side effects such as nausea, drowsiness, diarrhea, fever etc. Although you cannot avoid the after-effects of abortion tablets, you can surely lower the intensity of them. You can buy abortion pill pack which contains other medicines to mitigate the intense after effects. This way, you can work from home and undergo the procedure easily at the same time.

Women can consider the option of working from home. However, they must take the utmost abortion care required during the medical termination of pregnancy. Here’s what you should do while undergoing the procedure:

  • Do not smoke or drink during the pregnancy
  • Keep your diet healthy and light
  • Do not get into intense physical activities.
  • Do not insert anything into the vagina during the procedure.

If you followed the aforementioned instructions, working from home can be allowed during the abortion procedure.


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