Is abortion correctly depicted in the movies?

 Do Films correctly represent abortion

Medical abortion practices are self-proclaimed in real life, only a portion of it being true when it comes to reel life. Amendment by the Motion Pictures Production code stated until 1956 that every adoption depicted in films are to be subjected for a thorough regulation. As such the depictions have been subjected much more to impractical situations even after the expiration of the amendment.

In reality, you the medical abortion process is as simple as it could get. You can buy abortion pills and administer them to end an early pregnancy. In fact, there are a lot of women who buy abortion pills online and consult online medical experts to perform the medical abortion.

Movies barely describe abortion as a process that could be carried out. Instead, it reflects on circumstances which lead to such decisions as “tragedy”. Abortion isn’t a tragedy, it is simply an outcome of the sexual intercourse that may account for an unplanned pregnancy. Since pregnancy cannot be termed always as a blessing, it is indeed the choice made by the individuals who intend not to bring a newborn into the world.

When movies do mention an abortion, it is duly dropped or slandered on the overall. With motion picture ratings having nothing to do with abortion, it is largely due to society’s mindset that filmmakers fail to portray a true depiction.  A 2007 movie coming of age comedy film, depicts teenage abortion and the consequences of an unplanned pregnancy on a wider view. No doubt the film got an overall criticism and applause from several members of e pro-life and pro-choice communities as for the depiction of a single mother and that of abortion. Nevertheless, the character never really aborts the child and continues with the pregnancy a.  The film ends with her giving birth to a baby boy. Obviously, the film at large depicted nice girls never abort. Whereas in reality, they do. 

Another seemingly successful comedy released months before the 2007 movie has referred to Abortion as an “A” word in the whole film. So much so that, the character never really wishes to abort the child even though she feels her one-night stand partner is careless and irresponsible. Throughout the whole film, abortion has never been portrayed as it should be (had it been real), just to empathize with the fact of the niceness of the titular character. In fact, the process of unplanned pregnancy, which leads to character modifications is the overall plot of the whole film. Had abortion been used as an element, the entire film would have been changed from being comedic to an ailing and serious drama.

Movies denial with the abortion process coincides with humor and predicament of dealing with mature audiences. Motion pictures ratings along with a genre not suitable for all ages forces them to depict an off-road reality that greatly contradicts practical situations. Women are portrayed as “nice” characters that withheld them from choosing abortion as a decision. Rather, giving birth serves the purpose of being a preferred hero of the film.