How society can play an important role in abortion

What Role society can play in abortion.

Whenever a woman thinks of abortion, she is often tagged as a person without a heart. However, if you really think from the woman’s perspective, terminating an unwanted pregnancy is perhaps the most difficult decision that she has to take.

Admitting to the fact that you are pregnant unknowingly itself is a shock for many women. Such moments can leave them into depression. Despite the situation being such disheartening for women, the society does not try to understand the complete scenario and judges her for the circumstances she is going through, blames her being in such situations and does not let her come out of it. Instead, discourages her to take any such decision.

Women who abort their pregnancy are often humiliated by society, which adds up to their stress and depression.

The status in America:

Dating back to the time where abortion was a stigma, today the status in America is more or less the same which juggles in three different options. People in America had been offering medical abortion for women who want it, however under certain limitations. Even today it does offer the same option before women, but with fewer restrictions on the issue.

How should it be perceiving:

The society can at least try to understand the situation of women who are stuck with an unwanted pregnancy.

How can society help women who aborting an unwanted pregnancy?

Educate women the abortion procedure

The best way to educate women about abortion is by helping them understand the pregnancy termination procedure. There are online pharmacies and websites which are also contributing to this issue and helping women understand the procedure through their blogs and articles. If you happen to come across any such woman, guide her to the right healthcare provider and make her understand what pregnancy termination procedure looks like!

As you may know, there are two methods of abortion

Medical abortion

Surgical abortion

Women should be taught which method to choose at what point of time. Abortion pills such as Mifepristone and Misoprostol help end a pregnancy up to 9 weeks of gestation.

Let them know how Mifepristone abortion pill stops the growth of the pregnancy while the Misoprostol abortion pill expels fetal tissues from the body.

Surgical abortion helps end a pregnancy in the second trimester.

Sympathize with the issue

Even if you disagree to the abortion-favoring opinions, try not to be dominant about it. Different people can have different opinions and there isn’t anything wrong about it. However, society must be learned to respect the decision of women who wish to end their pregnancy.

Educate couple about safe sexual intercourse:

No woman willingly have unprotected sexual intercourse and get pregnant despite not wanting to have a baby. When you support abortion, it does not mean that you support unprotected sexual intercourse and encourage women to undergo abortion procedures. The society should teach couples how they can have protected and safer sexual intercourse and avoid unwanted pregnancies. This will eventually reduce the possibilities of abortion cases and thereby subtly addressing the issue.

Open more abortion center:

There are very few abortion centers in the world who are offering services of pregnancy termination. There are many women in the world who have to relocate themselves only to find a safe abortion center and services. The society should think of ways how they can simplify the abortion procedures for women and help them find abortion centers.

Support online pharmacies which wish to offer abortion pills online:

As medical abortion is one of the most popular methods of terminating an unwanted pregnancy, the society can actually help find abortion pills online or support the stores and websites which offer abortion pills. If the society comes together to tackle this issue, it can also impact the rules are regulations of some of the regions which are against selling abortion pills.

As a part of the society, how can you help women undergoing medical abortion procedure?

If you come across any woman who is wanting to end her unwanted pregnancy through abortion pills, you can help her find the right stores to buy abortion pills and end her pregnancy.

Emotional support is what women mostly seek for during their medical abortion procedure. Hence, if you happen to know any such woman, you can talk to her heart. Let her share her feelings and sob her feelings out.

Also, you can try to keep the environment positive around the woman undergoing the medical abortion process. Pamper her a bit. The medical abortion procedure is often painful. If you make her forget her pain that’s the best thing you can do for her.

Apart from emotional support, you can also help her by giving her light and healthy food, doing physical tasks which she may have to do otherwise. Helping her unload her work pressure can also be a great help for women who are encountering painful medical abortion procedure.

Abortion pill pack is a great option for women who wish to abort their pregnancy without having to experience extreme pain. The pack contains subordinate pills which help women mitigate the side effects of abortion pills such as stomach cramps, excessive bleeding, nausea, vomiting etc.

It has also been observed that society does not support healthcare providers who offer abortion services or guidance on medical termination of pregnancy. Due to this, abortion has become an underground thing in some of the areas. If a woman is pressurized not have an abortion, she may not even share if she is uneventfully pregnant and may try to abort her pregnancy through unsafe methods.

If the society decided to support abortion, healthcare providers who offer abortion support and women who are undergoing a medical abortion, it will surely encourage safer practices of pregnancy termination.

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