Is doing ultrasound important before abortion

With the easy availability of pregnancy test kits and abortion pills online, the number of women performing an ultrasound before undergoing medical abortion has considerably reduced. An ultrasound test helps to understand the growth of the fetus. It also helps understand if there are any complications in the pregnancy. If the woman is sure of the pregnancy gestation and normal conception, she may not have to perform the ultrasound test.

A woman can confirm her pregnancy through a home pregnancy test. To be eligible for a medical abortion, her gestation of the pregnancy must be up to 8-10 weeks and not more than that. On the confirmation of the same, you can buy abortion pills online or from the local stores to end your unwanted pregnancy at home.

Looking at the medical abortion statistics, most women prefer not having an ultrasound before undergoing the medical abortion process. They consider an unwanted and unintended pregnancy a private matter which they find difficult to share with anyone. Buying MTP kit online helps them maintain that privacy since the pills arrives at their doorsteps. They don’t have to answer anyone for the decision they have made.

Additionally, women find the ultrasound test an expensive option to confirm the conception. Home pregnancy test kits are easily available in the market or online. Sometimes the cost is more than the abortion pills. The drug combination of Mifepristone and Misoprostol is fairly inexpensive, especially when compared with the other methods or even an ultrasound test.

When should you perform an ultrasound test?

In the case of ectopic pregnancy:

Though ultrasound is not a compulsion for women, there are some instances where women may have to perform the ultrasound test before undergoing the procedure. Complications such as ectopic pregnancy make it necessary for a woman to perform the ultrasound test. Lower back pain, breast soreness, nausea, intense pelvic pain, cramps on either one side of the pelvis are some of the symptoms of ectopic pregnancy. If you suspect any such case, perform the test at the earliest. Do not perform a medical abortion in such a case. Surgical abortion is recommended.

After abortion :

Women can also perform an ultrasound test after they have undergone the medical abortion procedure. Again, there isn’t any compulsion on the user to perform the test. If she wishes to reduce the cost of abortion confirmation, she can perform a home pregnancy test for the same.

In some states of the world, women are required to perform an ultrasound before terminating the pregnancy. This essentially discourages them from having an abortion. However, in a survey conducted, such women do not change their decision knowing the practicability of the situation and hence end up having an abortion and regret the decision for a while. Later, they discover the decision to be right for them.