How early a woman can take abortion pills

Millions of women all across the globe perform a medical abortion under various circumstances. While surgical abortion can be carried out post 8 weeks as well, medical abortion has to be done below or up to 8 weeks of pregnancy gestation period. It is always advised to get your pregnancy termination complete as early as possible. This is to avoid the possible complications involved in the process. Generally, all the abortions are performed in the first 10 weeks of pregnancy, if it is calculated from the last month period. The later an abortion is performed, the more complications will be involved affecting the health of the woman. Besides, a woman also has to consider the regulations and law concerning abortion … Continue reading

Did you know that the ‘Abortion Pill’ Is Actually 2 Pills?

  What are the two pills? Mifepristone, the primary medicine, is more often recognized as RU-486. It is the abortion pill that primes the uterus in the course of pregnancy. There has been extensive research to study the effects of this drug and its effectiveness as a part of the abortion pills regimen. Mifepristone is sold under various trade names like Mifeprex and Mifegyne while also being available in other generic forms. One can also buy Mifepristone online. The secondary medication in the regimen is a prostaglandin. The most widely used one is Misoprostol. The combined therapy of Misoprostol and Mifepristone is the most studied one. However, these abortion pills are only advisable in the first trimester starting from the … Continue reading

How Do I Know If I Had A Complete Medical Abortion?

A complete abortion is one where a pregnancy is interrupted and ejected mid-way before the final completion of the term. This can be done through medicines as well as through various surgical options.  Medical abortion is a process where medications involved to be used in two steps to end the early pregnancy. The two tablets involved are – Mifepristone and Misoprostol abortion pills. These two are the two essential types of pills that are necessary to end a pregnancy which have not yet matured past 10 weeks. Taking Abortion Pills After you buy abortion pills, the procedure involves taking 1 Mifepristone [200 mg] orally and then taking a mandatory interval of 24-48 hours before an intake of 4 Misoprostol tablets … Continue reading

Things You Can Do and Not To Do After A Medical Abortion

Having a pregnancy termination can be a hard time, both physically and emotionally. What will take place and how you will feel after a pregnancy termination will not be the same for each one so it can be difficult to say for sure how you will feel. You may feel a sense of relief of sadness or simply want to get on with your life. Returning Home After an Abortion: If you had an abortion pill kit procedure (i.e. medical abortion) in a clinic, you may be able to return home within an hour or so of having the process. You do not usually have a checkup appointment but you can ask to see someone at the clinic if you … Continue reading

Self- Induced Abortion Gives Woman a Right to Mange Her Life

A Medical Abortion is process to end an unwanted pregnancy that is consciously initiated by the female through pills. A woman can acquire abortion pills online including Mifepristone and Misoprostol pills, needed to terminate pregnancy with tablets. Mifepristone being an anti-progesterone medicine blocks progesterone to dilate cervix and curtain an embryo growth, and crumbles pregnancy sections, whereas, Misoprostol being an prostaglandin analogue medicine generates womb contractions and expels out the embryo from the uterus. Although there are certain groups, which do not support pregnancy termination, there are others who support it. No one intentionally desires to end pregnancy, until there is a reason behind the same. Female who buy MTP Kit online may take the decision due to some circumstances … Continue reading

Avoid Invasive Pregnancy Termination with Abortion Pills

Abortion pills (Mifepristone & misoprostol) are used to abort pregnancy that is within 10 weeks gestation. Majority of women can resume with everyday routine within few days of pregnancy termination, however may experience slight bleeding until a month later. It is recommended that the drug combination is taken to result a successful abortion. If there is miscarriage in between doses, then ultrasound scan of uterus will decide on the further treatment, however the scan is done immediately after 14 days of the medicine regimen. The chances are very rare, but incase, if the drugs fail, then the person is asked to undergo surgery to remove an embryo. What are the ways of using Misoprostol drug? Some females buy abortion pills … Continue reading

Induction of Miscarriage by Self and Abortion Pill Management

Every individual must have an independent and not an influenced decision for her pregnancy, be it termination or otherwise. The process of ending pregnancy is vital, and private to female. For some then option could be simple, for others it might include thinking and hard call. To abortion, female can buy abortion pills and use them to stop pregnancy in a matter of two weeks or less. The pills are effective method in disallowing pregnancy from developing, and eliminating it from vagina avoiding the invasive method. It is crucial to understand use of the medications that end an intra-uterine pregnancy up to 10 weeks of gestations. The pregnancy calculates as per the days from first of menstrual cycle to the … Continue reading

Many Women Use Abortion Pill to Have Self-Induce Pregnancy Termination At Home

There have been number of debates on this topic. Many are unaware whether it is safe to abort at home or not? The answer is yes; women can buy abortion pills online and can safely abort at home through administering the pills by her-self. Being a women’s choice whether to do abortion or keep pregnancy, she also has a choice on how to carry out the abortive procedure which is best convenient for her. Females can even visit the clinic to get the procedure done, however it is untrue to say it is unsafe to perform at home. In fact, females have better control over the process as she is performing it privately. It is not required that the medication … Continue reading

Advancements in the Technologies Have Made Abortion Safer

  Pregnancy terminations, although a controversial topic of discussion, remain a significant choice for women of child-bearing age. People who choose it must be known the health risks endure, even if over 40 million procedures were performed worldwide in recent years. Therefore, changes to methods that correspond with modern medicine have lessened the health risks endured by females who choose to end their pregnancies. Thus, the risks faced during subsequent pregnancies have diminished considerably. Researchers found that there was a 15% growth in the odds of preterm birth linked with each preceding abortion. Remarkably, there was an 18% growth in the odds of spontaneous preterm birth for each previous abortion; however no connection between preceding abortion and the risk of … Continue reading