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Julia G. Wilson
In all the rules and regulations, I must say that humanity is lost somewhere. So many controversies! But I think this site gives a ray of hope to every woman out there. I am writing my story. Some of you may sympathize, but I’m over the incident. I just want women to take their health into their hands and realize that there are many options they are unaware of. When I found out about my unplan....Read More

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Abortion Pills (MTP Kit)

Abortion Pills (MTP Kit)

10 Aug 2017

by Helen

Firstly, I didn’t feel anything after taking Mifepristone but after my Misoprostol dosage, I started bleeding so bad, it was a nightmare! I starting bleeding and almost used 8 pads in a day and 5 pads the next day. Finally, on third day I was getting worried because I had bled a lot but not passed the clots. You will not believe but the actual blood clot that I passed was on fourth day and it was really big – almost to the size of my fist. It was really painful while I was passing the clot, but now that it’s not hanging over my head, I feel relieved.

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