Different Types of Birth Control Pills and Their Uses

The birth control pill is also known as an oral contraceptive. It is a medication, which women can take daily in order to prevent pregnancy. Some females take the tablet for reasons such as regulating the menstrual cycle, treat certain uterine issues, and others. There are three types in these products.

  • Combined pills: These consist of two hormones such as estrogen and progestin. The synthetic hormone has a role in prohibiting pregnancy. One of the popular examples is the Ovral Hormones are the type of chemicals, which control working of different body parts.

The Loette medicine is orally consumed every day that keeps ovaries disabled from releasing eggs. Also, the tablet causes cervical mucus to become thick and uterus lining to thin. Thus, sperm is kept out from meeting an egg and fertilizing it.

  • Progestin-only pills: These products contain only progestin hormone, which thickens cervical mucus and thin uterus lining. This restricts sperm from reaching a mature egg. The mini-pills also prevent pregnancy by stopping ovulation (ovaries not releasing eggs).
  • Emergency Contraceptive: This is a kind of medicine taken once for stopping pregnancy from occurring. The Plan B One-Step product helps in women preventing conceiving after a birth control method is suspected to fail, or later to a completely unprotected intercourse.

These oral medications are 92% effective. If taken suitably, these are a protected method against causing pregnancy. The medicines must be taken every day at the same time, and delay in consumption is strongly not recommended. If Ovral doses are missed for long, and appropriate compensation is not done, then the user has a risk of getting pregnant after a sexual activity. Some of these medicines are available without a prescription.

Advantages of Birth Control Pills

Here is why taking oral contraceptives is a good idea for a foolproof protection against pregnancy:

  • Combination medications may have other benefits for a user like lesser menstrual cramps, reduced menses blood loss, stronger bones, and less acne. These could also lower risks to few types of cancers affecting reproductive organs.
  • Such products are safe, and Loette tablets work well in to stop an unwanted pregnancy. Using the medicine means the user does not have to worry about getting pregnant before or after an intercourse.
  • The tablets are easy to use. In the case of Plan B contraceptive, the tablet is taken only once within 3 days of having an unprotected sexual activity.
  • After the course of Ovral medicines end, the woman’s fertility returns to normal, and she can get pregnant again without problems.

The Usage Methods

Combined medicines are packaged in 21 active tablets format. Each tablet contains hormones necessary to disallow pregnancy. For example, each day a Loette pill is taken for three weeks, and then one week off. Some are packaged as a 28-tablets course, which has 21 active medications and inactive tablets, later are taken one per day in the last week off period. These inactive medicines do not contain hormones.

  • Emergency Incidences

On the other hand, for emergency events when pregnancy can happen after unprotected intercourse, just a single pill of Plan B is taken orally and no dose is repeated. The medicine is taken in 72 hours of sexual intimacy, so that the person gets period immediately or within a few days, as to prohibit chances of pregnancy.

  • Extended or Continuous Use

Some females use these medicines to limit a total number of menses they have or to stop it altogether. In an extended cycle use, it involves 12 weeks of taking active tablets followed by a week of inactive medicines. Thus, the female has only three to four times periods in a year. Continuous use of such tablets is when the female takes the active tablet all days so she does not get periods at all.

  • Mini-Pills Everyday

The mini-pill product comes with 21 active tablets. It is vital to take a tablet every day at same time. A gap of three hours from the dose timing will necessitate the use of another kind of birth control such as sponge or condom to cancel pregnancy chances. At the same time, the mini pill also has to be consumed.

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