Can I end my pregnancy with home remedies?

How to do abortion with home remedies

The delicious juicy fruit of Papaya, along with its high nutrient content, is known for its potential to be an abortifacient. But how far is this true?

Scientific evaluation of this common belief shows that the fruit, when consumed in normal amounts, may not really have an effect on the pregnancy. It is especially harmless when consumed in the ripe form and does not cause an abortion. Papaya in its semi-ripe or unripe form may cause an abortion. The Papain enzyme content of a semi-ripe Papaya causes uterine contractions much similar to Oxytocin or Prostaglandins and is capable of inducing premature labor and the fetus may be ejected out of the female body.

There are many other fruits and herbs that are known to have this capability. They include Pineapples, Goji berries, Parsley, Cohosh, etc. But there are two main problems with using these to undergo an abortion at home

  1. They have to be consumed in extreme amounts for their contents to show an effect
  2. After any dosage, what happens inside the body remains highly unpredictable

Hence, these must not be preferred methods of abortion or birth control.

Instead if one notes a missed dose of birth control or contraceptive failure, she must opt for emergency contraception. While some emergency contraceptive pills may contain chemical compounds like ulipristal acetate, others may have a hormone-based functioning. These pills are equally effective when taken within 72hrs of unprotected sexual intercourse.

Emergency contraception does not cause an abortion. They prevent an unintended pregnancy. In the case when your conception is established and confirmed through clinical tests, you must choose an abortion.

You can choose to either buy abortion pill or undergo surgical procedures like suction and curettage.

Planned termination of pregnancy through pills is termed as medical abortion. There are two pills involved in the process and are collectively referred to as the MTP kit. It is a non-invasive method and is recommended for gestation periods of 4-10 weeks which is slightly over a 2-month pregnancy. The convenience of this procedure is that it requires minimal clinical supervision. So, if you took up home remedies because of your privacy concerns, you can rather choose pregnancy termination by the pills.

If you choose to take up the procedure at home, you can even buy abortion pill online. To pay high regards to the safety aspects of it, you must read and know about how to buy abortion pill online. You must choose a trusted provider based on if the website has FDA approved products and if it avails you the product prescribed to you by the physician. Here, it is important to note that although abortion medication can be bought online and used at home, you will need a prescription for them. Abortion pills are prescription drugs and not over-the-counter pills.

If you have crossed the gestation period in which you are eligible for a medical abortion, you may have to take up a surgery. Both these methods are much more safe, effective and thus reliable compared to home remedies.

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